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The Adventures of Smokey and Friends

  • Book

    While out for his morning gallop along the beach Smokey notices something strange. Why is the lighthouse lamp flashing during the day? He soon finds out the reason, Silver the Seaman is concerned that there are fewer and fewer fish in the sea. With the help of his friend Ollie the Octopus, Smokey discovers why all the fish are disappearing. Smokey arrives at a cunning plan. Find out if Smokey’s plan succeeds in this delightful and beautifully illustrated story for younger children.

  • Book2

    Smokey and Portia become involved in another exciting adventure at Easter time when a ten foot tall white rabbit with big floppy ears called Snowball arrives in their garden. Portia is kidnapped and within a short time Smokey is grabbed by his ears and carried away too. He soon discovers why he and Portia have been transported to the Island of Rabbitina. The island is sinking and all the rabbits need to be rescued. How will Smokey save them? This is a charming and lovely story for younger children that will delight and enchant in turn.

  • Book

    In this delightful Christmas story for young children Smokey is sitting at home on Christmas Eve eating his Christmas pudding, when who should come down the chimney but Father Christmas himself. Santa has problems! So Smokey comes to the rescue and enlists the help of Portia and Balou. They all embark on a wonderful adventure involving the elves and Santa’s reindeer. Discover how Smokey helps pull the sleigh and how his friends help Santa deliver all the children’s presents. This is an enchanting Christmas story which every child will love.

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