Smokey grew up in Wales, as a baby he wandered through the hills with other ponies, hoping that one day a family would find and look after him.  He eventually left the Moors and went to live at a riding school in East Anglia, where my Sister Helen first met him.  She was only eight years old, but when she met Smokey,  everyone knew that this particular partnership would be a match made in heaven.   Smokey made many friends, but his most precious was Portia the white Persian Cat, who became his most devoted and trusted animal pal.

Trotting up the driveway in his usual jolly manner he neighed and bucked realising he was finally home with his new found friend Helen. As Smokey became more confident he would trot up to the back door and knock on it with his hooves, push the door handle down with his nose and once opened would walk into the kitchen eating a piece of toast at the breakfast table, whilst Helen ate hers. He learnt many new tricks including pushing his own paddock gate open, wearing sunglasses, as they fitted him perfectly, making him feel part of the family, since everyone on a sunny day wore them too.

Smokey became incredibly human, he was loved by the other animals in the garden. In particular Jo, Jo a male Pheasant who could be heard for miles by crowing noisily.  This alerted Smokey, that he was on his way to share his dinner of oats with him. The two would often eat till late into the evening until  they both went to bed, with Jo Jo often perching on the top of Smokey’s stable. In the morning Smokey was often greeted by two of his other friends Victoria and Albert, a couple of Mallard Ducks that flew in from the pond. Sunning themselves under the nearby apple tree. Smokey often crouched down on his legs and joined them. He looked so happy and content particularly when Helen laid down beside him and gave him a cuddle.


Portia the White Persian Cat came into Smokey’s life when she was only four years old.

She seemed to fall in love with Smokey the moment she set eyes on him, and would never leave his side. 

Naturally intelligent and gifted Portia seemed to charm everyone where ever she went.  

She understood any conversation you had with her and loved to be cuddled.  


Balou the Hungarian Vischler came into Smokey and Portia’s lives when he was very young.

He was the new kid on the block and into everything.

Portia was reluctant to make friends with him at first, but eventually he won her over and they became good friends.

He met Smokey in the later stages of his life and now lives quietly in England with his family often looking out for the children he protects and looks after.


Helen played an important part in Smokey’s life. They became pals the moment they met, forever playing with each other Helen groomed and rode him whenever she could.

Smokey would always wait for her to come home from school at his paddock gate. 

Ready to be taken for a walk or to the nearby Heathlands for a gallop.   

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