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Smokey and the Disappearing Fish - Book One

book1Meanwhile, Ollie swam back to see Smokey; as usual he was waiting for him at the top of the cliff.

He saw Ollie in the distance swimming frantically towards him. Ollie was a good swimmer, but he had never seen him swimming as fast as this before.

“Smokey, Smokey,” shouted Ollie, I I I I know whose eating all the fish, it’s ( FIND OUT WHO IT IS? ), he’s so hungry that he’s swam in from the ocean and into shallower waters, he’s finding more food here than out there.”

Smokey and the Mystery of Rabbitina - Book Two

book2Porrrrrtia  where are you, who has taken you away from me ?

Picking the statue up Smokey galloped out of the house and into the garden where he saw giant paw prints all over the lawn.

They were at least two feet long; but what were they doing here ?

Smokey began to calm himself down.  If he kept on being frightened he would never solve the mystery; maybe that ten foot bunny was real after all, perhaps he would return tonight…………FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS……….?

Smokey and the Secret of Christmas Magic - Book Three

book3She was at the edge of the river attempting to play with a fish that kept dancing among the waves. Leaning forward Portia touched its tail with her paw and lost her balance.

“Meeeeeooooww.”    Gasping with fright, Balou started to bark as he could hear Portia screaming with fear.    Slowly Portia was being pushed by strong currents to the crest of the falls until one powerful wave pushed her right over………………SHE WAS GONE !!

Smokey, Balou, Father Christmas, and the Reindeers looked terrified, Portia was nowhere in sight………..WILL PORTIA SURVIVE, FIND OUT………..?  

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